Namejet & Snapnames

How to do Namejet & Snapnames backorder?

Over time, many companies decided to join forces due to the increasing competition in the domain market. The most important of these mergers was Namejet and Snapname cooperation. Although these 2 companies gather under the same roof after the merger, they continue to carry out their transactions from their own sites.

Now let's look at how the pre-order, the backorder process, is for these 2 companies. Let's answer the questions about integration first.

  •  Do I need to order both SnapNames and NameJet?

If you have membership in both companies, it is enough to order from one. If you have membership in one firm, you do not have to open another membership.

  • If my order goes to auction, how will the integration with the other company be?

If the domain name you ordered goes to auction in both companies, it is most logical to continue from the company you ordered. Being in competition with other company customers is of course a bit of a disadvantage

  • Where will I see the domains I have earned?

Regardless of which company you purchase, the domains you purchased will be transferred to your account.

  • Is the pricing the same for both companies??

The desired fee per transaction in each 2 firms is 79 dollars. Whichever company you buy, you can pay from your registered card on that company.

Now, let's explain how the orders are made in 2 companies.

When you enter the Snapnames site, entering the domain you want to take in the search section on the home page will be the shortest way. If you are looking for more than one domain name, each application will be added to your cart separately. You can then confirm all the doms in the cart at once.

Let's give a few examples

Let's place an order on,,

When I search all 3 domains separately, it brings me the information of all 3 extensions. If we press the Available Soon button which is written against it for any extension, let's add it to our cart.

    This process can only be considered as adding to the basket. You can then make changes to the basket section. You do not mean that you have placed an order unless you have given your consent in the basket section. Let's go to our cart for a second confirmation

    When we click on the basket, our domains look like the picture. First we need to select the boxes next to the domain names we will order. After selecting, we need to press the update card button to define the card. (your card needs to be registered)

    Even if you press the place order button without doing this operation, the process will give an error. The priority is to define the card. If you wish, you can remove any you want from the list of domains with remove checked.

    As a warning, we have done the process correctly. Shopping cart updated successfully. You need to get the warning.

    Now, after doing the above operation, you have to deselect the boxes of all domains before pressing the place order button and then press the place order button. If you don't remove the options next to the domain, the screen will still give an error. After removing it, you will receive a warning like below and the process will be completed by clicking on the continue button.

    You can now see the domains you have ordered from the Pending Orders page under the Buyer Dashboard menu on the homepage. If you wish from the same page, you can give up your orders. Just select the domain name you want to delete and press the delete button.

    If the domain name you are applying for is received by the system, you will receive notification by e-mail. If it comes to the information about the auction again, you can participate in the tender by clicking the Auction letter written from the corresponding domain from the Pending Order page.

    You do not pay any fees for all these transactions. Payments are made only from your defined card as a result of received domain names or auctions won. If you do not pay, your membership is suspended and then deleted from the system.

    Let's examine transactions via Namejet,

    You need to click on the Search button on the main page for the namejet application process. On the page that opens, you can place an order by searching domains in the search section on the left. On the order page

    Just press the Place My Bids Now button.


    After placing an order for each domain name, we can come to the My Account page on the main page and see our orders from the My Backorders section and delete the orders we want to delete. On the same page, you can see the tender domains and process them in My Auctions.

    There is no need to make any upfront payments for these transactions within the Namejet. If you get the domain name or win the tender, your card will be charged. If payment is not received, your membership will be suspended and then deleted from the system.