How to Get Deleted Domains?

How do you get fallen domains that everyone hears but does not have detailed information about how they are made? Let's explain the answer to the question step by step. After this information, you will now be able to perform Backorder transactions very easily.

 What is a Falling Domain?         


Domains are registered by their owners on an annual or two, three, five, ten-year basis, provided they pay their fees. The longer the registration period of the domain, the cheaper it will cost. In general, domain names are registered for a year, most often because of the cross-company price policy, it is desirable to switch or the domain will be sold within 1 year.


When the domain expires, the owner is reminded many times before. Domain names that are not renewed by the owner go to waste. The end of this stage is that it can now be recorded by others. The domain name is now abandoned by its owner after 80 days have expired. It can be taken again by the owner if desired within 80 days. The first thing you like and do follow a domain name is to make a Whois query for the domain name. For example, let's see the details of the domain name.

In the Whois query, if the user did not hide their information, you can access the information from their phone number, e-mail address or full address. With this information, you can bid for the domain name without waiting for it to drop.

Questioning for us is also the detail history part. You can see the details below in many whois inquiries.

It can be seen from here that the domain name was last registered in 2014 and has been renewed for 6 years with today's date. However, since the renewal process for the year 2020 has not been done on 06.03.2020, the last 80-day period has begun on behalf of the owner and it has not been renewed yet. Here, every domain with the remaining days of -80 can now be registered by others. The procedures for this are very simple. Let's do the following steps for this domain name.

Pre-Ordering a Falling Domain.

Translated to English, which means pre-order when translated into our language, the transaction is done to get domain names that have completed -80 days. The backorder process can be started from the day the domain name is -75 days. In other words, you can backorder to all domains that have remained in the last 5 days. You can reach the global domain names that will drop in the last 5 days from these backorder companies or you can get a list as Excel.

However, hundreds of thousands of domains are dropping across the world in the last 5 days. Extracting from here will be quite difficult. You can see the domains that will fall by typing keywords in the search section on the backorder sites and you can operate in a practical way.

Pre-Order (Backorder) From Which Sites Is Made.

For the last 4-5 years, many firms have been competing for this process, but until recently, many firms have combined their strengths, providing their customers with an advantage. The domains listed below are the most preferred and the most registered domain name companies in 2020. First of all, you can open an account separately from any or all of these companies. Making backorder from more than one site will give you an advantage. Since the domain names are wasted in seconds, the action taken takes seconds. When a domain name is wasted, all companies applied for will compete to register.

The most preferred backorder companies,





You can find dozens of companies apart from these companies, but apart from the first 2 companies, you will not be able to find professional and point-shooting companies. Since it is a second-hand process, the companies with the best infrastructure are of course very advantageous.

How does membership open on these sites now? How is Backorder Made? Let's answer these questions how they are charged.

Opening membership from backorder companies

In these companies, it will ask you to enter the standard information you registered on a regular site. The important thing is that the information is complete and accurate. The more accurate the information, your membership will be activated quickly, you will be reached quickly.

Except for general information, companies will ask you to enter your credit card or ATM card information completely and correctly. This information will be used if the domain you made backorder is taken for you and taken from your fee card.

If the domain name you are applying for is not taken by the registrar, there will be absolutely no fees. (Except for Natro company. Natro takes the payment from you when doing backoerder. If the backorder operation fails, it will be returned.)

The above 2 registration companies do not charge the fee in advance. They try to catch the domain name first, if they get it on your behalf, they want to return and charge you the fee. When placing an order, you must make a transaction by calculating your credit card balance or cash in your account. If you cannot pay for the domain name received within 3 days, your membership will become passive and will be canceled after a certain period of time.

Let's see how we will pre-order if we have completed the membership process in two sites.


When we write the domain name in the search section for Dropcatch, it will bring you the information as in the picture.

As seen here, the figure that the company wants from us is $ 59. If you press the comfirm backorder button, you will place an order regardless of money in your account. 59 dollars is suitable for this process, if you look at other companies. Dropcatch can catch almost 90 percent of falling domains.

Our other company, Namejet, is a gear competitor for Dropcatch in second place. Let's look at it now.

As we search on the Namejet site, it tells us that you can do the same for 79 dollars, as on the screen. Although the figure is high, every domain that Dropcatch cannot receive is definitely taken by Namejet. If you do not want to risk your business, you can backorder from both sites. Whichever company buys, you pay the company.

As you can see, it is very easy to open a membership and place an order within 2 companies. It should be noted that the fall domain will be on the list. As we said at the beginning, our domain is now listed as -75 days and after 5 days you will be completely wasted and be yours. You can pre-order anytime within the last 5 days.

Canceling Pre-Order

If you want to give up a domain that you do backorder, you can give up even a few seconds before the time expires. For Dropcatch, it is enough to go to the backorder field and press the cross button next to the domain name. So you give up the order.


Unfortunately, there is no cancellation of orders for expired domains. It is also useful to act a little early for cancellation. Your card will be charged for each domain name you have not canceled.


As we mentioned about a subject you should not forget, your membership will become passive if you do not pay for the domain name you bought. You will not be able to process backorder again with the same information. It will not work after a while to open an account with different information constantly. Since these two sites are a great opportunity for this process, we recommend that you do not backorder domain names.

How is the transaction done if someone else in the same Domaine pre-ordered?

You need to know that there will be more than one person who follows the same domain as you. For Turkish domains, this number can sometimes be a person, sometimes just you. More than one user requests for foreign domains. If two or more people place an order for the same domain, the process goes as follows for both companies.


The domain has been acquired by Dropcatch and more than two people have requested it. In this case, the firm takes out a 3-day tender and the tender is completed by bidding by everyone on the site. The highest bidder is the owner of the domain. As shown in the picture, the domain name that more than one person pre-ordered has been put up for sale with a 3-day tender.

It is 19 hours left to end the tender and the highest bid is now $ 84. If there is no higher bidder during this period, the highest bidder will be the owner of the domain.


In our third company, Natro, all the details I mentioned are proceeding differently. Natro gives the backorder request to the first person. A second person cannot pre-order the same domain. Although this is an advantage, Natron is unlikely to catch the falling domain. It can be tried for Turkish domains and the backorder process is $ 14. This fee is collected from you in advance, if the domain is not collected, you will be refunded. Natro is not very preferred because returns take more than 3 days.

Are Wasted Domains Only Pre-Order?

Except for all transactions mentioned above, domains will be wasted to be re-registered at certain times if no backorder is made by anyone. For example, nobody has done backorder for the domain name and it is wasted when the time comes. Now you can register from any registrar you work with prices ranging from $ 9 to $ 10.


Plase note that a domain with backorder process is not easily wasted. The backorder is to register as soon as it falls for you. You do not need to follow up when you pre-order. So backorder is a very preferred procedure. 

Depending on the extensions, the time for the domains to be wasted is as follows, if you wish, you can catch the domain yourself by searching from the registration companies continuously during these time intervals, you can register for 9-10 dollars. 

Domains with COM and NET extensions are between 21.00-22.30 hours

Domains with ORG extensions are between 18.00-19.00,

 Domains with INFO extensions are between 13.00-14.00

Domains with BIZ extension are wasted in the range of 20.30-21.30.

 Now that you have learned all the details, you can get the domains you follow by pre-order. You can project them or you can earn yourself by putting them on sale on different sites.

 Since these transactions are a bit of luck and competing over time, good luck to everyone already :)