How is Domain Value Determined?


How to determine the Domain value?

There are many factors to use when calculating Domain values. These factors vary by region,  people or communities. Domain owners often identify psychological figures by thinking about the project they dreamed of - or by looking at recent sales of close extensions or the values put on sale online.

Because the price of many domainnames is psychologically determined, the figures are set up too high.  ellerinde ki  But this psychological situation won't last long. Figures for domain names that have not been sold for years are gradually reduced by their owners. It sees sales when it comes to market figures.

So how can we find out the true value of our domain? The first thing to do is consult with companies that provide domain valuation services at a certain fee. As in all areas, there are brokers specializing in the domain industry.

So what do you have to do if you don't want to pay for every domain you have  and don't want to get this service. This is our second option, free services that some web services calculate with specific algorithms. Some of these algorithms are the length of the domain name,  the value of the words it hosts, or the value of domains that have recently been similarly salesed. Other than that,  many  algorithms work in the background and you have a price.

You should know that these costs are not the full value of the domain. Let's not forget that these services are at least the services that will guide you. There is no free calculation service for Turkish domains yet, and for your foreign domains you can use the free services below.

Let's explain it with examples right away. May our domain be ;

·        Setting a Godaddy Domain Name Value

GODADDY Service from the address here,  we write our domain in the aram box. As shown in the picture, he has set us a price for our domain. A  lot of factors worked in the background when determining this. Some factors are written on the right side, such as similar sales recently or the values of words factors that are shown for now.

Godaddy has not put a specific limit ation for this inquiry service. You can make as many free inquiries as you want.


·        Setting a Free Valuator Domain Name Value

 FREE VALUATOR, we type our domain in the search box. To note that this web service is valuation with 3 different currencies.  You need to change one of the money in the upper-left corner of the site before questioning which currency you use.

 Unfortunately, this service directs you to paid packages when you arrive at a certain number of queries. Still, you have the right to adequate daily questioning. 

As seen in the picture below, we have received a different price again. Many factors in this service are written at the bottom of the page. He does domain analysis in detail.


·        Setting an EstiBot Domain Name Value


When we reach the site from ESTİBOT we query by typing our domain name in the same way.

EstiBot is again the service used by many people. When most people want to put the domain name up for sale, it often considers the price written here.

EstiBot also unfortunately gives you 3 free interrogations per day. You need to make additional payments for more inquiry or brokerage services.



Setting a Natro Field Name Value


NATRO  can access the service by clicking  on the link.  It is the company natro service that pays the lowest costs among the valuation instruments. This service also serves free of charge and you have the right to inquire if you wish.

As you can natro see, it gives the lowest value. Therefore, this service is not very preferred.

With the 4 interrogation services we wrote above, you can now learn the costs of your domains and put them on the sales lists and set a price among your estimated values.


You should remember that although these costs are guiding, the price of the domain determines the supply between the buyer and the seller, the demand situation.