Domain SEO Effect

Domain reflects the identity of your brand. Your domain name is one of the most important factors in bringing organic visitors to your website. Domains reflect your brand and create a strong image. It is an indication that large companies spend millions of dollars on domains. With a strong domain and a strong SEO work, you can take your place in the first place in search engines and thus earn serious gains. In this article, we will talk about the main issues we need to pay attention to for a strong domain.


Persistence in Mind

When determining the domain name, it is very important that it is relevant to your subject. The first time you tell someone about your domain name, they should be able to remember your site when that person searches the internet.

Domain Extension

If you are in search of a strong domain, your choice should be with a com extension. Com extension domains are the first used domains in history. It is the domain with the highest SEO value and financial value.

Domain Length

The longer your domain name is, the more disadvantage it means in terms of SEO. 3-4 letter domains create serious costs today. However, the maximum number of characters should be 8-9 letters. The fewer letters, the more SEO ...

Domain Content

It is not recommended to use numbers or punctuation marks in your domain name (unless it is 3-4 characters). For- (hyphens) the situation is slightly different. Since hyphens are common, google algorithms ignore this character compared to other figures. However, if the domain you want to buy has an unfiltered version, it would be better to choose it.

Domain Age

It is one of the most important criteria for your domain name. It is the same for search engines. Search engines prioritize old domains and appear more easily at the top. Of course, this does not make you think to buy an old domain and get to the top immediately. Older domains do not go to the top just because they are old. Let's not forget that your site has many criteria such as original content, SEO compatibility, mobile compatibility. Domain age is just one of them.

Social Media Influence

Social media is a must. As a result, we need to open many accounts on our website. The SEO effect of these accounts is naturally high. It is useful to check if there are any accounts opened on social media on behalf of our Dominate. More important than having an account is that the account should not be used actively.


How Do I Find a Quality Domain?

1. It has become almost impossible to find quality free domains these days. According to your budget, you can bid and buy domains that were previously purchased by clicking here. This article about generic domians may also be of interest to you.

2. As we have mentioned in our other articles, domains have a duration and at the end of these periods, they must be renewed by payment. If the domain owner does not pay, the domain will be wasted and become available to new users. You can follow the list of daily wasted domains by click here on a daily basis with the difference of DomainsSave.